Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Panthéon Photo by Eric Rougier

In an earlier post about Place du Panthéon, I forgot to include the stunning photograph of the Panthéon dome taken by Eric Rougier. The clouds, sunlight and shadows combine to make a memorable photograph. The sun-lit building at the end of the dark street (the edifice with arched windows on the third floor) is the Sainte-Geneviève library, built on the site of the former Montaigu college, the Alma Mater of Erasmus, Ignatius Loyola and John Calvin. The church tower that appears to have attached itself to its roof is actually the southern spire of Notre-Dame cathedral, a good distance away. Double click to enlarge the photo.
There is a link to Eric’s photographs of Paris at the upper right of this blog’s home page. Please take a look at his web site. Note that he uses the term PANO to refer to panoramic shots.

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