Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hector Guimard: Architect of Art Nouveau

An Hector Guimard designed subway entrance, one of only 17 originals remaining, still serves one of the 300 stations that comprise the city's Métropolitain system, which began operations in 1900. The newest line is No. 14, called Météor, which opened in 1998.
At the Porte Dauphine stop, the original glass canopy is the only surviving enclosed edicule of the Paris Métro. We can see it today at the western terminus of the No. 2 line.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are 86 original Guimard Metro entrances + 2 "new" recent additions (in 2000): the one in Châtelet, place Sainte-Opportune, and the one at the entrance of RATP's headquarters.

Terry said...

Thanks, Nicolas.
I revisited my source and realize that I did not cite accurately. While there may indeed be 86 Guimard metro entrances, the majority of them contain only original elements -- they have been altered from their original form. Some, including the often photographed glass canopied cover at the Abbessess station in Montmartre (which originally stood at the Hotel de Ville station), have been moved from their original locations.