Monday, June 23, 2008

Place de Séoul

The housing project at Place de Séoul was designed by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill and built in the mid-1980s. The buildings circle the Place de Séoul and offer interesting reflections in the mirrored and faceted surfaces. Its location, just south of Place de Catalogne, is difficult to find, since it is not marked on most Paris maps. From Métro Pernéty station (14th arrondissement), walk north-east along Rue Raymond Losserand, then turn left onto Rue du Chateau; at the crossing with Rue Guilleminot you will reach Place de l'Abbé Jean Lebeuf; cross it and head north-west (on a pedestrian street) to enter the circular buildings that surround Place de Séoul to take in the amazing effect of the mirrored facades. The same architect designed the circular buildings at Place de Catalogne, adjacent to this location (find your way back to Rue du Chateau and turn left).

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