Saturday, August 3, 2013

French text pronounced on-line

Every now and then I discover a web service so amazing and useful that I have to share it with about everyone I know. The Acapela Group offers a free web pronunciation service in over a dozen languages, French among them. This means that you can type in a place name or menu item, and a native speaker will pronounce it for you. No kidding.
See for yourself.
Go to the clickable link at the top right of this blog:
Choose a voice (select from four native French speakers – 3 women and one man)
Type in text (up to 250 characters – try “le Square du Vert-Galant” from my last post)
Click “SAY IT”
Click “PLAY” for a repeat
Click “NEW TRY” to start over
Is this useful, or what?

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Heather J Hopkins said...

I just wanted to add - there are some helpful "French-travel-speak" phrases with pronunciations here:

Survivalist's French Language Course

Pretty handy!